• Working zone
  • 10 min walk to Nevsky prospect
  • Breathtaking sunset & roof view
  • Cozy shiny rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi Everywhere

We are the 1st in Saint Petersburg loft-hostel on a garret. Here you can admire the view of stars, Petersburg sky and see the dawn right from the sofa. Awesome, isn’t it? Oh, forget to add, we are located in the very center of the city – Mayakovskogo street.

FJC Loft offers you with great pleasure:

Different types of suites: 2-4-6-8 bed lofts with splendid view and shared bathrooms.

Spacious common lounge with TV, library, board games and business zone.

Kitchen, equipped with all necessary technic: gas stove, fridge, microwave oven, kettle, toaster, tea & coffee.

It's quite simple to book a room: You can email us or book on-line via our web-site, as well as FJC Loft profiles at vk.com, facebook.com. Confirmation will be sent asap.

Special Offers

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Our achievement

St. Petersburg City Tours

  • Audioguides
    Audioguides - are you tired of group tours and have a call of your individual soul to investigate the city? We have an awesome decision – audioguides! Apply to our Fluffy administrators and get a device with an excellent route! P.S. one device can be used by two city-researches!
  • Unusual city tours
    Unusual city tours – our partners are as deep in love with St Petersburg as we do and ready to organize nontrivial excursions: through the roofs and subway, backyards and front doors of historical center, city-quests and individual tours, gastronomic trips – our Fluffy administrators will be happy to share all programs and tour information with you!
  • Free walking tour
    Free walking tour – do you want to get acquainted with the exact center of St Petersburg with no fees? No problem – ask our Fluffy administrator and your contact with our marvelous city will start within a day!
  • St. Petersburg roofs
    Do you know the place where your eye can catch the most breath taking view so four city? Of course, St. Petersburg roofs! Our roofer Alexey with great pleasure will show them to you, tell some funny stories of city-dwellers and even offer a cup of tasty tea! Oh, by the way there are also unusual backyards, old communal apartments and tram tours! Our Fluffy administrators know all the details!
  • Our partners are happy to hold awesome tours in Korean! Just take a look